Awards, Exhibitions, and Publications


• IPA (International Photography Awards)

• Monochrome Awards (Monochrome Photography Awards, International Competition)

• ND Awards (Neutral Density Photography Awards, International Competition)

• Julia Margaret Cameron Awards (International Competition)

• Sacramento Fine Arts Center, Fine Art and Photography Competitions & Exhibitions

• California State Fair, Fine Art Competition & Exhibition


• Viewpoint Photographic Art Center, Sacramento, California

• Sacramento Fine Arts Center, California

• Elk Grove Fine Arts Center, California

• California State Fair, Fine Art Exhibition

• BTP International Group Exhibition, Stadsmuseum in Harderwijk, the Netherlands


• ICM Photography Magazine, September 2021 Issue, A World Reimagined: Readers' Gallery, pages 288 - 289

• BTP Photography Hardcover Book, Artists from Around the World, 2016, pages 26 - 29

• BTP Photography Magazine, Exhibition Special, November 2016, page 66

• Capture Mania Photography Magazine, April 2016, pages 19 - 21


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It's possible that you have viewed photographs in my social media accounts that aren't here on the site.  No worries. Just let me know the specifics and I'm glad to help. 

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