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Agnes Alfano lives near Sacramento, California, USA and spends most of her time capturing images close to home. She is an award-winning photographer with international and local awards. Agnes is a self-taught artist who has always had a love for creative expression. It all began when she was a child – singing, composing, and writing lyrics to music. Her father was a talented guitarist and they often found themselves hanging out, working on riffs, and harmonizing.

Much later in life, Agnes (“AJ” to her friends) discovered that photography provided a way to share thoughts and ideas through her imaginative eye. She aspires to find the hidden essence in nature and objects, to capture the wonder, and to take the raw imagery to a creatively refined stage that reflects her final vision. It is AJ’s hope that her passion for photography will strike a chord with viewers. There is nothing more rewarding than knowing that her work has special meaning to a viewer – that it evokes a memory, a place, or time in their life.


My photography represents the beauty I see in everything. I am in search of often overlooked scenes and aesthetically common details to express my vision. Many of my favorite subjects are found in nature. My love for this craft is limitless, so I do not specialize in genres. I am motivated by the search itself, inspired by the excitement that comes from found art. Much of the work represents what is uncovered nearby. There's beauty and compelling material everywhere – if we’re looking for it.

At times, capturing the sublime may require skewing reality or pushing the boundaries of photography and post processing techniques. This is what makes it fun and creative! I have found it takes patience and courage to achieve satisfying results. Whether it is a simple flower, crumbling architecture, or a rusty artifact, drawing out the beauty in the potentially mundane is my goal.


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Trapped, the traveler grieves his losses with a heavy heart. His limbs are forced downward. His thoughts distorted. He moves slowly to the end of the tunnel where his prison sentence finally ends.

Camera movements highlight the beauty of this rural olive tree tunnel. A sweeping motion provides a powerful dreamscape. The beautiful dappled light shows through the treetops flowing with the camera, creating light trails. The tree limbs and gravel pathway summon a moody tension pulling me into an otherworldly place.

*Published in the September 2021 issue of ICM Photography Magazine


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